Lesson 1 – Programming with micro:bit

LESSON – Introduction to programming with micro:bit

Lesson Objectives

  • Introduction to programming with micro:bit

Success Criteria

  • must understand workings of micro:bit and Block code software platforms
  • should demonstrate skills in their program to use of different features of micro:bit
  • could show skills to create animated grid images an display text messages to display on the micro:bit.


  • Algorithm
  • Selection
  • Sequencing
  • Simulator
  • Compile


  • forever
  • pause
  • show string “”
  • run / compile


Complete your starter activity in silence

Task 1 – Getting around in micro:bit platform

  1. Go to www.microbit.org website
  2. then click lets code
  3. Follow my instructions on the board

Task 2 – Writing your first micro:bit program

In Block editor using BASIC scripts blocks to display below tasks on the micro:bit simulator

  • Click Blovk editor button
  • Display Hello
  • Display your name
  • Try adding pause in between your name and hello

Task 3 – Improve your skills

Using BASIC and INPUT scripts blocks to display below tasks on the micro:bit simulator

  • Use button script block and when you press button A micro:bit should display “Hello”
  • when you press button B micro:bit should display “Your Name”
  • on shake should show a heart shape

Task 4 – Creating an animation with micro:bit

Using BASIC grid block codes to create and animated dancing stick man.

Sequence order of your dancing stick man should display on micro:bit just like on the above image.

Home learning – due in next lesson

Follow the instructions on the home learning document and complete your task, if you are having problem to understand the task you need to see me before the due date.
Homework due in next lesson

You can also find this homework in your Show My Homework account.

Use the below links to help you with your task